Established in 1998 Seasonal collections have been launched since 1999 mainly with costume jewelries, belts and bags made with antique-taste leather combined with metal/stone decorations. In the earlier collections, firm originality had been sought with unique new techniques, while maintaining the method of traditional leather craft at the base. Those items were obviously impossible to be produced by mass production but can only be handcrafted,and soon gained a reputation for the particularity. Not only their detailed work added value on the edgy design, but also their long lasting quality,which made them comfortably fit as worn more, showed the authentic craftsmanship, and the two factors together drew line from the other products. Thereafter, the range of collection has been extended with inspiration from all over the world,and non-seasonal collections has irregularly come out, as [ONE OF A KIND] line in which very exclusive,one and only in the world, all hand-made art pieces of jewelries are introduced to limited stores. Mixing different materials, antique jewelry parts and beads from diverse country/ethnic with its distinctively unique method,those stateless products are unlike any of the others, and Gunda is still expanding its view of the world witch is beyond every border.